Young Solutions Worcestershire – Quality Service Charter

Young Solutions Worcestershire’s trustees adopted a quality service charter at its meeting in March 2015. The charter sets out what our members can expect from us. The charter forms another strand of our commitment to meeting the highest expectations of our members and others who use our services.

This twelve point charter includes a promise of professionalism, courtesy and responsiveness.

Deal with all our members and users of our services with professionalism, politeness, courtesy and respect.
Ensure phone calls will be answered promptly and courteously and respond to phone messages and e-mails within two working days and respond to letters within five working days of receipt.
Respond to requests for information within five working days or if the information required is particularly complex let the member or user of our services know within five working days when a full response will be provided.
Signpost to appropriate organisations, where we do not offer a service, within five working days.
Offer members and users of our services an appointment for a one to one or advice session within ten working days of the request being received (unless a later date is mutually acceptable).
Treat all information in one to one sessions as confidential and not pass any information on to any other agency except with the prior permission of the member or service user or where it is judged that there is a risk or danger if not passed to appropriate agencies.
Young Solutions Worcestershire does not currently have the facility to provide information in community languages or in specific formats for people with disabilities, but where our members and users of our services request this we will refer them to other local agencies who may be able to provide these services.
Hold meetings, events and visits outside office hours when our members or users of our services make a request (subject to our resources and staff time).
Young Solutions Worcestershire’s offices are not accessible to people with disabilities or mobility problems, but Young Solutions Worcestershire will use venues or parts of their office accommodation that is accessible.
Deal with all our members and users of our services on an equal basis, regardless of race, gender, disability, age, status, health or sexual orientation and provide an equal service to groups regardless of the size of the group or area of the county in which they work.
Discuss requests for DBS checks promptly and provide the service within an agreed deadline.
Operate a complaints procedure and make this available in our office and to any user of our services who requests it.

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